Navigation in your Event indexes

Is there a quick way to access the most recent events I've interacted with?

You can easily access up to 5 of your most recently accessed events when you are interacting within an event. Simply click on the 'Recent Events' switcher (found on the header of the page) and a list of your most recent events will be displayed.To enter the Event Dashboard of an event on this list, just click on the event title and you're away!

How do I return to my Events index if I enter the wrong event?

To return to your Events page after entering an event, select your avatar (found at the top left of the page) to open the User Menu, followed by the selecting the View Events option found on the menu. You will now be returned to the Global Events index.

Alternatively, you can also enter your Global Events index by opening your Recent Events switches and clicking on the 'All Events' option displayed at the bottom of the menu.

How do I switch back to my Properties index when I'm in the an Events index?

You can access your properties index by simply clicking on your avatar in the top left of the page to open your User Menu, and by selecting the View Properties option you will be taken to your property index. 

What is the ‘Global Newsfeed’ and how do I access it?

Your Global Newsfeed is a feature that displays all your notifications related to all events you have access to across all your properties. To access the Global Newsfeed, simply click on your avatar to open your User Menu and following this select your  Notification feed at the top of the menu.

You can find out about your Global Newsfeed and notifications in general in the Notifications & Newsfeeds section of the Knowledge Base.