The Admin Property Dashboard Explained

What is the 'Admin Property Dashboard'?

The 'Admin Property Dashboard' is an administration area for the property you are currently interacting with, which allows Group and Full Administrators to manage multiple events and resources at a single property.

Full Administrators will have full access to the Admin Property Dashboard, allowing them to manage reference content as well as the ability to manage all events at the current property. Group Administrators only have the ability to interact with events they are currently assigned to or have created, and also have the ability to manage users at the property.

Who are 'Full Administrators’?

Full Administrators (also known as 'Full Admins') are users that have global access to all events and areas within a property. The role of Full Administrator can only be granted by other Full Admins when creating or editing a user (the option isn't present for Group Administrators when creating/editing users) to ensure that Group Administrators cannot 'elevate' their own role (giving them access to events that they wouldn't normally be permitted).

Full Administrators have more control over all events at a property and have full access to what is known as the Admin Property Dashboard (access to this area can be found on the User Menu for any Admin users).

How do I access the Admin Area?

The Admin Property Dashboard for a property can be accessed in 2 different ways in the application. If you wish to access an Admin Property Dashboard directly without entering a property, switch to your Admin Properties area (by selecting the 'Switch to Admin' option on your User Menu) and then click on the property you wish to manage. 

If you are interacting within a property (eg in an event or the Admin Event Dashboard), by opening your User Menu and selecting the option displayed above, you can directly access your current property's Admin Property Dashboard.


How do I interact with the Admin Property Dashboard?

As a Full Admin, when you first land in the Admin Property Dashboard, you will see an array of 6 tiles which summarise all current information on events, users, reference documents and links at your property.

To the left of the page, you will see an array of new options in the navigation sidebar when you first enter the Admin Property Dashboard. In this column are a list of areas you can interact with, that allow you to quickly access and change information within events without needing to access them individually. To enter an area, just click on it - areas are arranged in sections to give more clarity to what you are selecting.

Group Admins will see a more restricted view upon landing in the Admin Property Dashboard. This is because Group Admins only have the ability to interact with events they have been granted access to or have created themselves. 

You can also quickly switch between the events you wish to configure by interacting with the ‘Admin Event’ switcher found in the header. Once the menu is open, simply select the event you wish to interact with and you will be taken to the Admin Event Dashboard for that specific event. 

Selecting the option displayed on the bottom of the Admin Event switcher will take you to your Active Events index = from here you can view and manage any events at the current property that you have access to.