Learning about Notifications

What kind of notifications can I receive in my newsfeeds?

Notifications delivered to your newsfeeds will be based on activity that occurs within events you currently have access to - they could be actions such as a new conversation being created, a comment being added or a document being updated. You will only receive notifications based on what areas you are allowed to access within an event - you will never receive notifications of activity from properties, events or areas that you cannot interact with.

The two types of notification you can receive in-app will be based on either general activity occurring in your events that you can access to but are not subscribed to, or 'alert' notifications.

What are 'Alerts'?

Alerts are notifications on activity created in conversations that you have been subscribed to by yourself or another user. These are shown as 'heightened' to indicate their importance to you, and so that they can be found quickly and easily within your newsfeed.

How do I know the difference between an 'alert' and general activity notifications?

Across all of your newsfeed related areas, where a notification is displayed in full, unread general activity will be shown with either a blue marker or background. An alert notification will have a either a red marker or background to visually raise the importance of the notification.

When viewing any 'bubbles' (as found on your event sidebar or event listings), unread general activity is indicated by a blank red bubble, whereas alerts are again indicated by a red bubble, with the total number of alerts pending being displayed on the centre of the bubble.

Can I directly access the location that the notification is informing me about?

Yes, by selecting any notification in a Newsfeed you will be taken directly to the location where the user action has taken place.

Also when viewing notifications in a Newsfeed, where a document has been added to the related conversation you can download it directly. This can be done by just clicking on the document icon displayed to the far left of the notification.

Can I delete a notification?

No, all notifications are archived within your newsfeed (just in case you need to return to them at a later date). However, you can mark your notifications as read by either viewing them individually or selecting the 'Mark All As Read' option - this will clear all your outstanding unread notific