Latest Activity Feed & Quick Requests Explained

What is the 'Latest Activity' feed?

Your Latest Activity feed can be found on your Home page. As activity occurs in your events, unread activity and 'alerts' will appear in your feed. Alerts are notifications that inform you of new activity that has happened in conversations you are currently subscribed to. Your Latest Activity feed will display up to 5 notifications at anyone time - to view more you can directly access your Global Newsfeed by selecting the 'See More' option found at the bottom of the feed.

Your notifications are displayed in order of 'newest first', and contain a helpful summary of the activity and the conversation they have been added to. The icons found to the left of the notification summary indicates the activity type and an avatar of the user who created the activity.

If you want to view any of the activity listed, just click on the notification and you will be taken to the location that the notification is related to. 

Note - The Latest Activity feed and Newsfeed will only show you actions that have happened in properties and events that you have been granted access to by your event Administrator.

What is the difference between the Latest Activity Feed and the Global Newsfeed?

The Latest Activity Feed is a compact list for you to catch up with your unread notifications at-a-glance. This feed is displayed on your Home page to allow you to have quick access to your most pertinent notifications, which you can interact with just by clicking directly on them. Your feed will only ever display up to 5 unread notifications at one time.

Your Global Newsfeed however, will display all your event notifications, read and unread. There are additional features present in  that allow you to search your notifications and filter by importance ( All/Unread Activity/Unread Alerts), and you can also mark all your pending notifications as 'read' if you wish to.

What does the small red bubble mean that appears next to the event ’Newsfeed’ option?

This is an indicator to show that you have unread notifications in your newsfeed. Notifications bubbles that are blank show that there has been activity within an event concerning conversations that you are not subscribed to but have access to, and a notification bubble with a number in it indicates that you have received notifications that are related to documents/discussions that you are subscribed to (an 'Alert').

The number contained in the bubble shows how many 'Alerts' are pending in your notification feed.

What are Quick Requests and how do I use them?

Quick Requests are a feature that allow you to send an 'urgent request’ to your event Key Contacts when an event is active (within the event start and end dates). This feature is not available when an event is yet to start.

To create a 'Quick Request’ (when the feature is available), you must select the ‘New Quick Request’ option found at the top of the navigation sidebar. You will be taken to the ‘New Quick Request’ page and from here you will be able to compose your request.

Once sent, the Key Contacts for the the event will receive your message on their cellphone (as an SMS) to allow them to respond to your request as quickly as possible. You can view your Quick Requests by selecting the ‘My Quick Requests’ option which is found at the bottom of the navigation sidebar. When viewing your Quick Requests, if it’s state  is ‘open’ (unanswered), it will appear red. When a response has been added by a Key Contact, the Quick Request will be classed as ‘closed’ and the colour will change to green.