Additional features available within the application

The 'Recent Event Switcher'

Your 'Recent Event Switcher' can be found at the top of the page whenever you enter a property in the application. It monitors all your comings and goings throughout your events, and displays (up to) 5 of your most recently accessed events when opened. The 'recent events' displayed here can be across properties (if you have access to more than one), and when selected from the Switcher menu can be accessed directly without having to enter an Events index.

What does the 'Search Event' box do on the navigation sidebar?

This search option allows you to quickly locate users, documents and discussions within the event containing the keyword(s) that you have entered to into the 'Search' area. This search will only be 'event-wide', and will display all the results in the centre of the page for you. 

What other information is available to me on the Event Dashboard?

Additional options have been provided to help users quickly switch between events and areas without having to leave your Event Dashboard. The header of the page will display your current property, event and the area you are currently interacting with. By clicking on the appropriate menu option found on the header, you will see a list of events or areas corresponding to your permissions, and by clicking on the event/area you wish to navigate to you will be redirected as such.