Your Properties area explained

What is the 'Properties' area?

The Properties page is an area that displays all the properties you currently have access to. The properties displayed contain events within that you have been invited to interact with by an Administrator. To access your events for a specific property, simply select the property card displayed, and you will be taken to the events index (which displays the events you currently have access to).

Your current user role at each property can be viewed by hovering your cursor over a card representing a property you have access to. 

What other options are available to me in the Properties area?

When you land on the Properties page, there are a number of options you can select before entering a property's 'event' page.

You can access your User Menu, change your language (by selecting the Language option), interact with the Application Menu and access the Help & Support dashboard. These options will always be available once you have successfully logged in.

Can I search for properties that I have access to?

All users have the option to filter the properties they access to in the Properties area. Simply enter a search keyword into the provided 'Search' area and any properties that partially or completely match your search term will be displayed.