Sorting & filtering your events

Can I search for events in my Events index?

Yes! To search for a specific event, simply enter a keyword into the ‘Search’ option found at the top of your events index, and events containing partial or full matches to the keyword you have entered will be displayed on the page. 

You can also sort and filter your results following your initial search.

How can I sort events in an Events index?

Events can be sorted in alphabetical order (which is the default setting) or by running dates. This can be done by selecting a sorting option from the top of your event listings. You can also sort your events by ascending or descending order by selecting your sorting choice again from the options found at the top of your event listings.

Can I filter my events?

Users can filter their events by selecting the 'Filter' option, which can be found at the top of your event index.

Selecting this option will present you with the options to filter your events by state - Live, Upcoming or Completed. Filtering using these option will present you with events that you have access to that match the state you have selected. When you choose to filter your events, you can still sort them by selecting the column heading you wish to sort by.

Full Administrators will see an additional filter present in this area - All Administrable Events. This filter allows you to view and access any events that you have administrative access to.