Using the Out of Office feature

How can I set my Out of Office status?

When you enter Home page, simply select the Out Of Office option on your dashboard to enter the Out Of Office area. You can also access this area by selecting Out Of Office tab displayed at the top of the page when interacting with another account option. In this area you can enter the dates that you are due to be away - don't worry if you've forgotten to set up Out of Office and are already away, you can just set your ‘Out Of Office To' date and you will be shown as Out of Office to all users until that specific date.

You can also create a personal reply that will be shown in discussions that you are subscribed to while you're away. If you don't wish to create a personal reply, a 'default' message will be displayed instead. When you're happy with your choices, just hit the Set button and your Out of Office status will be set to activate according to the date(s) you have selected.

What are subscriptions and how do I become subscribed?

Subscriptions allow you to receive notification of any updates or changes to documents or discussions within your events. There is more detailed information on this feature and can be found in the '  How To Interact With the 'Subscriptions' Feature' section of the Knowledge Base.

So what happens when my status changes to 'Out of Office'?

When you are set as Out of Office, any discussion you are subscribed to in an event will send an Out of Office reply (either your saved personal reply or the 'default' reply) to the comment thread. This will only happen when a comment is added by another user, and will only automatically reply once per discussion per day. You will not receive any email notifications while you're set as Out of Office, but your notifications within the application will still remain active as usual, meaning that when you return back to the office, you can catch up on any important event activity you may have missed.

Also, if you are currently set as Out of Office, your Home page will display your current OoO status until your OoO period runs out our you decide to turn it off manually. This is to help remind you that you are set as Out of Office if you return back to the office early!

How will other users know I'm away if I'm not subscribed to their discussions?

When your status is set as  Out of Office, any Users viewing your profile will see an Out of Office banner displayed on your account page. This is present on both desktop and mobile versions of our application.

Can I still use the application when I'm Out of Office?

Our software operates exactly the same as usual when you are set as Out of Office, you just won't receive any email notifications on documents/discussions you are subscribed to.

If you do choose to come back to the office a little earlier than planned, you can turn off Out of Office by re-entering your Out of Office area and clicking on the option to turn off your Out of Office status (found to the right of the page) - your status will now be set as Active, and you will now receive email notifications on your subscriptions. Any automated reply set while you were Out of Office will now be deactivated.