How to use Comment Templates in a conversation

What are 'Comment Templates' and how do I use them?

Comment Templates are a feature that allows you to add rapid replies to discussions without having to enter text manually into the comment box. Simply select a reply from the 'selector’ when creating a comment in a discussion thread (you have a choice of standard replies created for the property or your own personal templates) and once selected, the comment box will be populated with the text contained in the template. Once selected, just click on 'Comment' and your comment template will be added to the discussion - it's so easy!

Where can I create or manage my own Comment Templates?

The ability to create and manage comment templates has been removed from the application. However, any 'historical' comment templates created at hotel level or by an individual user are still available to be used in conversations as described in the section above,

Why can I see comment templates available that I haven't created?

When you enter a conversation and select the 'Comment Template' selector to add a template to a conversation, you may see comment templates that you have not created yourself. These are known as Property Comment Templates, and have been created by administrators of the property. They are available to all property users in all the property's events, but may only be suitable for internal use only.

To help differentiate between 'Property' and 'Personal' comment templates, we have ordered the comment templates to be displayed so that Property templates are listed first, followed by your personal templates.