How to sign an annotated document

How do I add a signature?

To begin adding your own signature to a document, you must first find a conversation that has annotations enabled on it (as indicated by the icon shown in the image below).

Once you have entered a conversation with annotations enabled, click on this Annotate File icon to enter the Annotations area and begin annotating your file.

When you arrive in the Annotations area, select the 'Sign' tool from the toolbar at the top of the page. 

Click on the 'Choose File' option from the Sign tool menu and select the signature image you want to add. 

Once your image has uploaded, the signature will be added to the document and the page view will scroll down to the image's current position on the page. Your new signature can be resized by dragging the corner of the image to suit, and also repositioned to any where on the page that is required.

To save your signature to the document, simply click on the 'Save' option found on the top right of the toolbar.

Can I remove a signature or store it for later use on other documents?

Yes! When you upload a signature successfully, the next time you select the 'Sign' tool you will see your new signature image displayed as a thumbnail on the drop down menu. The signature will available from this menu any time you interact with an annotated PDF file. To use a 'pre-loaded' signature. simply click on the thumbnail image from the Sign tool menu, followed by clicking on the area of the page you'd like the signature to be displayed, and it will be added to the document.

To remove your signature, open the Sign tool menu and click on the 'trash' icon displayed adjacent to the image you'd like to remove. You'll be asked if you wish to continue, and once confirmed the image will be destroyed - however it will still be present on any annotated documents you have previously added it to.

Can I add multiple signatures to a document?

You can add as few or as many signature images as you wish both to a document and your account. To upload additional signatures, just follow the method detailed at the beginning of this article and your extra images will be available to you by selecting them from the Sign tool drop-down menu.

While using the Sign tool, you can switch between your multiple signature images by selecting the thumbnail representing your chosen signature and then clicking on the document page you wish to annotate. You may add limitless annotations on each and any page of the document, including additional tools such as 'Draw', 'Text' or 'Highlight'. 

What types of documents can I add a signature to?

Signing and bookmarking options are only available when creating an annotated PDF file. You can still create and annotate image files (such as a JPEG or PNG file), but your creations will be limited to using the 'Draw', 'Text' and 'Highlight' functions only!