How to bookmark pages of an annotated PDF file

What is a 'bookmark' and how do I add one?

A 'bookmark' is a tool introduced to the Document Annotations feature that allows you to create a virtual bookmark on specific pages of a document you are uploading to be annotated. This allows you to highlight specific pages that require a signature from other users, allowing them to easily identify and add signature annotations as required. They can be applied to a single page or across multiple pages, the choice is yours!

To add bookmarks to your annotated file, simply select the 'Allow Annotations on this file' option when uploading your document. When selected, a further option will be displayed below titled 'Create Signature Bookmarks' - by clicking on this, a new field will be displayed allowing you to enter the pages you wish to be bookmarked. You can either enter page numbers individually followed by a comma (eg 1, 2, 3, 4) or a range of pages by typing the first and last pages of the range divided by a dash (eg 1-5).

To complete your bookmarking and upload the document, click on the 'Next' button at the bottom of the form, select your subscribers and select 'Create'. Your conversation will be created, and the bookmarks added will be visible within the Annotations area when annotating (displayed on the Bookmarks toolbar).

What is the Bookmarks toolbar?

The Bookmarks toolbar is present in all Annotations areas (found to the left of the page). It contains an index of all pages contained within the current document, indicating any outstanding and completed bookmarks or annotations currently present on each individual page.

The 'Pages' option displayed at the top of the menu allows you to quickly switch between bookmarked pages. You can access either the previous or next page by clicking on the arrows displayed either side of the option.

Below this option you find the page index - this displays (in descending order) a list of all pages accessible within the current document. To access a page directly, click on the page you wish to interact with on the file index and it will be displayed in the current page view. Any bookmarks added to the document will be displayed adjacent to the relevant page listing - outstanding bookmarks will be displayed in red and contain the text 'Sign Here', and completed bookmarks will be displayed in green and contain the text 'Signed'. 

You will also see a counter shown at the end of each listing - this indicates the total amount of annotations currently added to the page.

How do I mark a bookmark as 'Signed'?

To mark a bookmarked page as 'Signed', you must first be interacting with a document that contains bookmarks that are currently outstanding - once a bookmark has been marked as 'Signed', the state cannot be reversed!

Enter into the Annotations area for the document you wish to mark as 'Signed' and select the relevant page with the 'Sign Here' indicator present from the index to the left of the page.

Once the page is displayed, choose your signature with the 'Signing' tool and position where appropriate. 

Once the signature annotation has been added, the bookmark on the page will turn green and now show as 'Signed'. 

By selecting the 'Save' button at the top right of the page, your annotation will be added and the Bookmarks toolbar will be updated to reflect the bookmark's updated status.

Can I add, edit or remove a bookmark once a conversation has been created?

No! The only point at which you can create or manage bookmarks on a PDF document is when you are initially creating the conversation. Once the file is uploaded, all bookmarks are permanently attached to the conversation and cannot be removed or changed.

Can I add a bookmark to an image file?

Bookmarks and signatures can only be added to annotated conversations that contain a PDF file. Annotated conversations containing an image file will still have the ability to be annotated, but the options to add bookmarks when creating the conversation and associated toolbars in the Annotations area will not be accessible.