How do I use the Create Menu?

Step 1:

Select the green + icon from the top of the page - this can be found at the top of your page at any time within the application.

Step 2:

Select the relevant icon from the Create Menu window to begin creating your new conversation, event, user or event resource. If you are not an administrator at any property, you will only see the option to create a new conversation in this window (as demonstrated below).

Step 3:

Complete the requested fields (Property/Event/Area) by selecting the options provided on the drop-down menus below - typing into these fields allows you to 'quick search' your accessible properties and areas (note that only properties, events and areas you have been granted access to are available when using the Create Menu).

When all requested fields have been completed, the green button in the corner of the Create Menu window will become active and clicking on this will take you to the relevant create form for your new creation.

Complete all required fields on the create form to add your new creation to your selected property!

Following this, you will be returned to the page that you originally invoked the Create Menu on. If you wish to view your new creation, simply click on the blue banner message displayed upon to return to this page.