Managing your To Do Lists and Tasks

How do I manage a To Do List?

There are 3 ways to access To Do list management:

  • To quickly access and begin managing a To Do list you have created, select to open your 'Create Menu' and click on the To Do icon. In the next window, instead of selecting the option to create a new To Do list, open the drop-down menu and select the list you wish to edit. Once selected, click the green button to the right of the drop-down menu to begin editing your selected list.
  • If you are viewing a To Do List index (in either an event or form your Home page), you can begin managing a list you have created by clicking the cogwheel icon adjacent to the list you wish to edit - you will then be taken to the Edit List form for the list in question. 
  • Finally, to edit a To Do list while you are currently interacting with it, simply click on the 'Edit' option displayed on the right-hand column of the page. Clicking this will activate the Edit To Do form for your current list.

When managing your To Do list, you can amend the list Title, Description and any assignments you have made (if the list is event-scoped) however - you cannot change a list to a different type following the initial creation, so please ensure that you have the correct settings (personal, event-based shared or event-based public) when creating your To Do list. There is also the option to delete the To Do list available if required.

How do I manage my To Do tasks?

The only way you can manage your To Do tasks (bar marking them as completed/incomplete) is by viewing the the To Do list they are contained in. If you are the author of the To Do list, you have the option to edit any To Do tasks you have created by clicking the 'Edit' option adjacent to the To Do task you wish to amend. 

When editing a To Do task, you can change the To Do description, add or remove assignees (if the task is within an event-scoped To Do list), add/edit/remove any due dates applied and also delete the task if required.

When viewing any To Do list you have access to, you also have the ability to directly interact with any To Do tasks displayed - here you can mark To Dos as completed or reset a completed task to incomplete (if a task needs to be redone) by clicking on the option displayed adjacent to the task listing. When a task is marked as complete, it will no longer show in the Outstanding Tasks Feed for any user that is assigned to or the creator of said task.

Can I access To Dos on my Home Page?

Users can instantly access their To Do Lists area by clicking on the 'See All To Do Lists' option found at the bottom of your To Do Tasks feed. In this area you can view and manage your To Do lists, create new To Do lists and add tasks to your existing Lists. 

What is the To Do Tasks feed?

This feed provides the user with a list of up to 6 To Do tasks assigned to the current user. To Do tasks are sorted in order of urgency, with the nearest upcoming task deadline being displayed at the top of the order.

Tasks can be marked as completed on your To Do Tasks feed - by clicking on the checkbox adjacent to the task you wish to mark as completed, the task will be noted as 'completed' on its relative list when viewed. The 'completed' task will also be removed from your To Do Tasks feed when marked as done.

When you have no pending To Dos assigned to you, your To Do Tasks feed will display ‘Nothing to do’.

So how do I manage To Dos in my Home page?

To begin managing your To Dos, click on the 'See All To Do Lists' option displayed on your To Do Tasks feed and you will be taken to your 'To Do Lists' area. In this area you will find options to create or manage your To Do lists and tasks - to create simply click on the option 'Add List' and complete the New List form.

Viewing and editing your To Dos is easy - there's a simple index displayed on your Lists page that shows all your To Do lists, with the ability to sort and filter your Lists as desired. Just click on the list you wish to view and on the following page you can view and manage the list using the options provided.