How do I create a To Do list?

Step 1:



Click on the green '+' icon found at the top of the page, opening your 'Create Menu'

Step 2:



Click on the 'To Do' icon as shown in the image above.


Step 3:



In the next window, select the 'Create a New To Do List' option followed by clicking on the 'Continue' button to begin creating your new list.

Step 4:



You are now on the 'Create To Do List' form. Give your To Do List a Title, add an overview, and select if you wish your To Do list to be personal or shared in an event by using the dropdown menu provided.

Step 5:



If you have selected to create a personal To Do list, move directly on to Step 7. If you have selected to create an event-based To Do list, you will be asked to select the event you wish it to be added to. Note that you will only be able to add an event To Do list to an event you have permission to access! 

When creating an event based To Do list, you have the option to select if you'd like it to be private or public. By selecting the 'Private List' option before selecting to continue, only the users you assign to the To Do list will be able to view and interact with it - if left unselected any user with access to the event your To Do list is in will be able to view and interact with it!

Step 6:



Once you have chosen your event and permissions for your To Do list, you can now select any event users you would like to assign to the list. These users can be assigned to To Do tasks added to  the list once they have been assigned to the To Do list. To assign users, click the 'tick' icon displayed next to the users you'd like to add, and then click the 'Assign Users' button to finish.

Step 7:


Once you have completed the initial To Do List creation form, your To Do List will be added and available to be updated with To Do tasks immediately. If you have created an event-based To Do List, any users assigned to your list will receive a notification that they have been assigned.