What are To Do Lists?

What are To Do Lists?

To Do Lists are a simple form of 'task management' that allow you to create tasks for yourself and other users using the application. 

To Do Lists consist of 'Lists' and 'Tasks' - they are not assigned to a property or event and are easily accessed from your Home Page or in an event.

What is a List? 

A List is a collection of tasks that can be assigned to yourself or other event users depending on the type of List you create. When creating a List, you have the choice to add a Personal list or an Event-scoped list:

  • Personal To Do Lists are available in every property and event you have access to, but tasks on this list can only be assigned to yourself.
  • Event-scoped To Do Lists are allowed in a single event (event is specified when creating), but tasks on this List can be assigned to other event users. These can be either 'public' or 'private', depending on your preference. 'Private' To Do Lists can only be viewed and interacted with by users assigned to it, whereas 'Public' To Do Lists are available to any user assigned to the event the list is contained in.

All lists contain a title and a set of 'tasks' - these tasks can have a description and be assigned to yourself or another event user. Tasks can be viewed by any user that has been assigned to them, and can be marked as completed when they are happy that the required action has been performed.

What is a Task?

A 'Task' is an item added to a To Do Lists that can be set as 'Outstanding' or 'Completed' by the author or an assigned user. 

The below you can read a breakdown of a To Do task's requirements and availability:

  • A To Do task requires a description before it can be added.
  • A To Do task can have a due date assigned to it if required. 
  • A To Do task is assigned to the author of the 'List' they are contained in by default, but can also be assigned to other users if required. 
  • A To Do task can be viewed and interacted with in a To Do List.
  • A To Do task can also be found and interacted with on the Outstanding Tasks feed found on your Home page.

 Where can I find To Do Lists?

You can access and view your To Do Lists on your Home page, in your To Do 'Lists' index and within your events (depending on the type of To Do List created). To view all your To Do Lists, you must enter your To Do 'Lists' index by clicking the the 'See All To Do Lists' at the bottom of your To Do Tasks feed (found on your Home page). Once you enter your To Do 'Lists' area, you will see an index of all your existing To Do Lists - to view To Do tasks on an individual list, simply click on the To Do List you wish to view and you will have instant access to both the List and any Tasks added to the To Do List.

To view a To Do List within an event, there must be at least one event-scoped To Do List created specifically for the event you are currently interacting with - you can only view event-scoped To Do Lists from within an event. By clicking on the the 'Event To Dos' option displayed on the event sidebar, you will be taken to the Event To Do List index - you will only see lists displayed on here if you have created them yourself or have been assigned to it by the author of the list.

For quick reference and interaction, up to 6 of your outstanding To Do tasks are displayed on your To Do Tasks feed of your Home page. On this feed, To Do tasks can be set as Completed or returned to Outstanding by clicking on the 'tick' icon displayed adjacent to it. Once set as completed in this area, when you leave your Home page the item status will be updated in it's relative To Do List and removed from your To Do Tasks feed.