Access and permissions when interacting with To Dos

Can anyone access my 'lists'?

When creating a 'List', you have the option to either create a personal list or a list that can be shared with other event users. Where a List has been set as personal, only you can see and interact with this List - not even Administrators can access it. Where a List has been set to be a 'Private' event-scoped To Do list, this will only be available to any event users you have assigned (via the Event To Dos area) that have access to your event. If an event-scoped To Do list is not set as 'Private', it will will be available to all users that have access to the specified event.

Can I share a 'list' with other event users?

Yes - when creating a list, you will see the option to create either a Personal or Event-scoped To Do list. Event-scoped To Dos allow you to add a new list to a single event and assign tasks to users that have access to said event. You can only add event-scoped TODOs to events that you are permitted to access - the events available to you are displayed in a drop-down menu when you click on the event selector in the 'event-scoped' To Do creation area. As mentioned above, where a list is set to 'Private', only the assigned users can view and interact with it - this is worth noting if your list contains anything that should be specific people to see.

How do I assign other event users to a To Do list

When initially creating your To Do list, select an event from the dropdown menu to confirm you wish to create an event-scoped list. If you decide to create a list from within an event (via the Event To Dos index), you will only be able to create lists for the event you are currently in.

When you have chosen your event, click the green button to begin adding the users you wish to assign to the list. Once you have clicked this option, you will see a list of users displayed in a new window - the users available will only be users that have access to the event you are publishing your list in. To select a user to be assigned to your list, click the 'tick' icon adjacent to their listing - you can choose as many or as few as you wish! To finish, click the 'Save' button and you will be returned to the To Do list form to finish completing the configuration.

If you wish to add more event users to your To Do list following initial creation, simply click on the 'Edit' option displayed on the right-hand column when viewing the To Do list and follow the directions as listed above. You can also remove users from your list as well following the same method, except you will be clicking on the highlighted 'tick' icon adjacent to their listing to remove them as an assigned user.

Who can view and manage Lists I've created?

The following tables below show who can view and edit your Lists once they have been created:

Authors of a To Do list have full power to amend or delete any To Do list they have created, be it personal, private or public. Where a To Do list has been set as personal, only they can see it. If the list is event-based but set as private, assigned users can view the list but only the author can make amendments. If the list is set as public, any user assigned to the event can view it, but only the author and any Admins with access to the event can amend or delete it.

Assigned users can only view lists they have not authored or mark a task as complete. They cannot make any amendments to the list itself. Non-assigned users viewing a public list cannot make any changes or change the status of any tasks within the public list.