How do I change my language settings?

Our application is intelligent enough to assume that the language that your device is operating in is the language you wish to be displayed. However, if you do wish to switch between languages manually, simply select the option titled Language in the footer of the page, and then click on the flag of the country that denotes the language you wish to be displayed.

At present we support a number of languages including:  English (US), English (GB), Portuguese, Chinese (Simple), Chinese (Traditional), German, Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, Turkish & Arabic.

What parts of the application are affected when I change my language settings?

When you choose to change your language setting to a ‘non-english’ locale, the entire application should be changed accordingly. All areas and features will be translated to reflect your choice, with the exception of any text submitted by your fellow event users (e.g. conversations, Event Overview etc) and the What’s New? area.

In addition to this, all emails you receive from the application will also be translated to reflect your selected language, adding a more ‘personal’ touch to the notifications in your inbox.