Using the Event Dashboard

What is the Event Dashboard?

The 'Event Dashboard 'is your event hub - it summarises all information contained in the event for quick reference and also allows you quickly access any areas of the event for more in-depth interaction. You can access the Event Dashboard by selecting an event from your Events index - it's the first place you land!

How do I use the Event Dashboard?

The Event Dashboard has been arranged to make accessing your important event information as straight forward as possible. To the left of the page you will find the navigation sidebar - from here you can instantly access any conversation areas you have been granted access to, and also access your event newsfeed and search options for the event you are currently interacting with.  

The main body of the dashboard contains 2 areas.

Area 1 - Event Overview: 

This area displays the event logo, a brief description of the event, and also allows you to quickly view the event running dates.

Area 2 - Event Dashboard:

The second area is the ‘Dashboard’ area, which contains 5 tiles that allow you to quickly interact and view different areas of your event that do not involve conversations. 

  •  Users - this displays the total number of users granted access to the event, with the option to view all current event users by selecting the ‘View All’ option.
  •  Key Contacts - this area shows the key contacts for the event. These users are the administrators for the event you are currently interacting with.
  •  Links - these are links to external sites that are related to your current event. By selecting ‘View All’ you can interact with these links (which will open on a new tab in your browser when selected).
  •  Upcoming Milestones - this area contains all the important dates related to your current event. From deadlines to running times, any important chronological data will be found here for you to view by selecting the ‘View All’ option. A collection of upcoming milestones are displayed on the 'Upcoming Milestones' tile for your event to allow you to keep an eye on what's coming up next in your event.
  •  Photos - this section is a collection of photos related to the event you are interacting with. To access the images, simply select the ‘Browse’ option and select the photo you wish to view.
  • Did you know? You can ‘quick access' different event resources within the Event Dashboard by selecting the corresponding tab displayed at the top of the resource you are currently interacting with. This means you can quickly switch between event resources without having to return to the Event Dashboard every time!

    Why are there ‘+’ signs showing on some dashboard tiles?

    When you enter the dashboard for an event, you may find that you see a ‘+' on some dashboard tiles (see example below). Only Admin Users will see the '+' sign on the Key Contacts tile in an event, general users will see a '0' displayed.

    Where a '+' is displayed, this means that these areas are yet to be configured by the event administrators. Admin Users can click on the '+' sign displayed on the Key Contacts tile and be taken to the Key Contact Management area to begin adding Key Contacts for the event.

    What is the Event Countdown tile?

    When you are interacting with an event that is yet to start, you will find the following tile displayed at the top of your  Event Dashboard. 

    This is a helpful reminder that shows exactly how much time is remaining before your event begins. It is only ever present in 'Upcoming' events, and once the event reaches its start date it will no longer appear on the Event Dashboard.