Interacting with conversation areas

What are ‘conversations’?

A conversation is an interaction within an event that a user has created and can be interacted with by other users within a conversation area. There can 2 elements within a conversation - a document that has uploaded by a user, or a discussion that has been created by a user. Both of these are classed as a conversation, and a user can combine both elements when they create a conversation if they wish.

Other users can access these conversations (depending on permissions) and download the conversation document or add a comment to the conversation (therefore continuing the discussion).

What are 'documents' and 'discussions'?

Documents and discussions are the two types of information that can be added to an event in the application by any user with access to the event.

Documents are the files that you upload or download from a conversation area, and Discussions are chronological conversations you can have with other users in a conversation area.

How do I access conversations in the Event Dashboard?

To access an conversation area of your choosing, simply select the category you wish to access from the list under the Conversation Areas heading in the navigation sidebar and you will be taken to the conversation index for that specific topic.

Alternatively, you can switch to a new conversation area by selecting the Area Switcher option found on the header of the page and selecting the area you wish to be redirected to.

Can I choose which conversations which conversations I want to be displayed?

Every conversation area features handy 'Sort & Filter' options that allow you to view only the conversations you wish to see. At the top of the index you will see the options to 'Sort By Title' & 'By Date Created'.

Selecting either of these sorting options will order your conversations by ascending or descending order when selected.

Also, at the top of the index is our Filter feature. Clicking on this will give you the option to filter your conversations by type - simply select your filter and only conversations matching this type will be displayed.

You can still interact with the sorting features when you filter your conversations.

Why can’t I can’t find the conversation area I want to access on the navigation sidebar or the header menu?

The conversation areas available to you as a general user are defined by the Administrator of the event when they add you as user to an event. It is possible that the Administrator may have denied you access to this area due to confidential information not pertaining to you being added to this area, or they may have not set up your access correctly.

Either way, the best course of action is to contact the Administrator of the event directly for the quickest response to your query.

Can I search for conversations when I’m interacting with an event?

Yes - to search for conversations while interacting with an event, simply enter a keyword into the ‘Search Event’ box found at the top of the navigation sidebar. You will be returned with a list of contextual results related to your keyword organised by name and type.

You can also search for conversations within a conversation area by entering a keyword into the 'Search' option found at the top of your conversations index.

Why are there numbers showing next to some of the conversation areas displayed in the navigation sidebar?

This is known as a conversation counter, and is an indicator of the number of conversations that have been added to a specific conversation area. A conversation area with no documents or discussions added to it will be blank. 

Any reference documents present in the conversation area will be added to the conversation counter.