Interacting with the Users area

What is the ‘Users' area?

The 'Users' area can be found in your Event Dashboard and allows you to view and manage users that have been granted access to your event. All current event users are listed in this section, and by selecting an individual from the Users index you can view more detailed information about them.

What can I do in the Users area?

By selecting ‘View All’ on the Users tile of the Event Dashboard or the Users 'tab' when interacting in another section of the Event Dashboard, you will be taken to the Users area - this area contains an index of all the users currently granted access to your event.

You can search for a specific user by entering a search term into the ‘Search’ box found at the top of the index, or sort all users by Name Organization or State by selecting the appropriate option in this area. You can also filter users by role or state by selecting a filter from the options found at the top of the index.

When you select an individual user from the index, you will be taken to the user’s account ‘show’ page - this area details the user’s full name, title and organization, along with the user’s contact details, timezone and account state (pending or active).

If you are an Admin user, you can also view the user’s current event and area accesses, which are displayed in the column to the right hand side of the page.

What does the number mean on the Users tile of the Event Dashboard?

The number displayed on this tile is a total count of all users that currently have access to your event. 

Can I add new users to my event in this area?

Yes, if you are an Group or Full Admin user, you can add users to your event by entering the Users area and selecting the ‘Invite User’ option (found at the top right of the page, above the index).

For more information on adding new or existing users to your event, please refer to the ‘Managing Users In Your Events’ section of the Knowledge Base.

Can I edit an event user when interacting in this area?

If you are a Full or Group Admin user interacting in the Users area, you can manage an event user’s account details and permissions by selecting the cogwheel icon displayed adjacent to the user you wish to manage. You can also select an individual from the Users index and then select the ‘Edit User’ option when viewing the user’s account details (top right of the page). 

Group Admin users should note that they do not have the ability to manage the account details or permissions of any Full Admin users within the application.

For more information on managing event users, please refer to the ‘Managing Users In Your Events’ section of the Knowledge Base.

Why can't I see the mobile number when viewing an event user's summary?

Event users can only see the mobile phone details for the Key Contacts assigned to the event. This has been introduced to respect the privacy of users that do not wish to have their personal mobile number available for all event users to view.

If you wish to directly contact another event user that is not a Key Contact why not subscribe them to a conversation or email them directly (using their displayed email address).