Interacting with the Photos Area

What is the 'Photos’ area?

Photos is an area within the Event Dashboard that allows you to add images to your event for all event users to view. You can add as may images as you wish to this section and also add a caption to describe the image. 

What does the number mean that is displayed on the Photos tile of the Event Dashboard?

This is number is a total count of all the images that are present in your event’s Photos section. This includes both event and property photos present in the area.

How do I view an image in the Photos area?

To begin interacting with images in the Photos area, simply select ‘Browse’ on the Photos tile displayed on your Event Dashboard. Once you have entered this area, you will find a ‘grid’ displaying thumbnails of any images in your event Photos gallery. Hovering your cursor over an image will display the image title - selecting this will open the image in the gallery for you to view.  

While viewing photos in the gallery, you can select the ’<‘ and ‘>’ icons to view other images in the event gallery, and select ‘x’ to return to the Photos area index.

How do I add a new photo?

Only Admin Users have the ability to add images to the Photos area of an event. 

To add a new photo, simply enter the Photos area of the Event Dashboard and select the ‘New’ option found at the top right of the page. This will take you to the Admin Photos area of your event, where you will be asked to provide a ‘caption’ for your image (which is displayed on the image thumbnail) and to select the file you wish to add. You cannot add a photo to your event without providing a caption! 

Once you have selected ‘Save Photo’ and successfully added your image you will be taken to the Admin Photos index, where you can view all images currently added to the event, and also either add another image or configure your existing images. To leave the Admin Photos area and return to your Event Dashboard, select the ‘Exit Admin Area’ option on the navigation sidebar (found to the left of the page). 

Images uploaded are displayed by oldest first within the event Photos area index, so if you wish to order the images in a particular sequence for your event’s Photos gallery, please ensure that you upload them in the order you want them to be displayed (first image first, last image last).

How do I edit or remove a photo?

Only Admin Users have the ability to manage images contained in the Photos area of an event. 

Admin Users can manage their existing photos in either the Photos area or the Admin Photos area of an event by hovering their cursor over the image they wish to manage and selecting the ‘Edit Photo’ option at the bottom left of the thumbnail. Selecting this will take you to the Admin Photos Edit page, where you can either rename the caption for the image, change the image itself or remove it from your event’s Photos area by selecting ‘Delete’ (found on the right hand side of the page). 

Users cannot edit or delete a ‘Property Photo’ displayed in their event’s Photos area within the application. Property photos are 'hard coded' and can only be added or removed by contacting Cendyn/Events. For more information on this type of image set please refer to the last section of this article.

Can I select an event photo to be displayed on the Photos tile?


As an event Administrator, you can select a new or existing event Photo to be displayed on the Photos tile of the Event Dashboard. To do this, you must first either select to add a new image or begin editing an existing event Photo. When you land on the 'Add Photo'/'Edit Photo' form, you will see the option 'Display This On The Event Dashboard?' displayed beneath the file upload button. Simply click on the checkbox provided and save your changes, and the image will now be displayed as a thumbnail on your Photos tile for the event. You can select as many photos as you like to be displayed on the Event Dashboard - where multiple images have been chosen to be displayed, they will be displayed in random order every time a user enters the dashboard for the event.

To remove the default Photo from your Photos tile, you can either select a new image to become default by using the same process as described previously. Alternatively if you'd like to revert back to alphabetical ordering simply remove the tick in the checkbox when you next update the image. 

There are some images in my event’s Photos area that I can't edit or remove - what are they?

These images are known as 'Property' photos. A ‘Property Photo’ is an image that has been added to a property during configuration and is displayed in the Photos area of every event at the property. The images are 'hard coded' and can only be added or removed by contacting Cendyn/Events. Please email productupdates@cendyn to have permanent photos removed or added to your property.