Interacting with the Milestones area

What is the 'Milestones' area?

The Milestones area , located within the Event Dashboard, is a collection of any important dates related to your current event. These may be deadlines for deposits, rooming lists, the choice is yours! All current event users have access to view these dates, and have the ability to download all Milestones as an .ics file, which will add the milestone dates to their digital calendar when opened.

A list of upcoming milestone dates added to the event are displayed on the ‘Upcoming Milestones’ tile. To view all of the event Milestones, the user must select the ‘View’ option, where they will arrive at the Milestones index. In here, users can view a list of all current milestone dates and sort them by Title and Due Date. You can also filter all event Milestone Dates by All, Upcoming and Past.

What are the dates displayed on the 'Upcoming Milestones' tile?

The dates displayed on the 'Upcoming Milestones' tile of the Event Dashboard are a collection of upcoming milestones that have been added to your event. This is to help raise awareness of any important deadlines that may be approaching, so that you have plenty of time to prepare any documentation and allow your fellow planners to do the same, without having to delve directly into the Milestones area. 

How can I find out when my milestones are upcoming or have past?

When you enter your event's Milestones area, you will be immediately presented with the 'Milestones' index. On this index, each listing clearly displays whether the milestone is 'Upcoming' or 'Past' underneath the milestone 'Title'.

  • Where a milestone is 'Upcoming', the listing will be displayed in bold and have a countdown displayed beneath the milestone's Due Date.
  • Where a milestone is 'Past', the listing will be displayed as 'faded out', and show the time that has past since the milestone's Due Date ended (this can be found beneath the initial Due Date information).

Can I download milestones to my digital calendar?

Yes - by selecting the 'Download' option (located at the top of the ‘Milestones' area in the Event Dashboard), the user can download an .ics file containing all milestone dates for the event, which will be added to their digital calendar once opened. 

Alternatively you can download individual milestones as .ics files by clicking on your preferred milestone in the Milestones index.

Can I create and manage my milestones in this area?

Only Admin users can create and manage ‘Milestones' within the application.

Admin users with access to an event can create new milestones by selecting the ‘View All’ option on the Upcoming Milestones tile on the Event Dashboard (or select the Milestones 'tab' when interacting with another area of the Event Dashboard), where you will arrive at the Milestones index.

To create a new  Milestone, simply select the ‘New’ option (found above the index) and complete the following form to complete the process.

To edit or remove an existing Milestone, the Admin user must select the cogwheel icon and make their amendments on the following page. Admin users can also manage and create Milestones when creating or configuring an event in the Admin Event Dashboard, for more information please refer to the ‘Creating And Editing Events’ section of the Knowledge Base.