Creating a new event

Note - only Administrators can set-up an event

There are currently four methods to begin creating a new event, which are available whether you are a 'Group Administrator' or a 'Full Administrator' user. These are available in your Events index, the Active Events index, from the Create Menu and the Admin Area navigation sidebar (New Event option). 


However, once you have entered the 'Create A New Event' area the process for continuing your event creation is identical via all three methods.

Step 1: Creating your Event

To begin creating an event as either type of Administrator, select the property that you wish create the event in from your Properties area. Once you have entered the Events area of the property, the option to create a new event will be available to you (located at the top right of the Events index). By selecting this option, you will find yourself in the 'Create A New Event' area.

Once you have entered this area, you will be asked to provide;

  • An event name/title
  • A brief overview of the event
  • A start date
  • An end date
  • An event ‘logo’ (this will be displayed in the  'Events’ index)

Once you have completed these fields, you will be ready to begin configuring your event. Select the ‘Save Event' button to continue.

Step 2: Configuring your Event

On completing your preliminary setup, you will returned to the page where you selected to create your new event. To begin fully configuring your event, you need to access the Admin Event Dashboard for the event. This can be accessed from the Active Events index of the Admin Area or by clicking the blue banner message displayed at teh top of the page when you have successfully created a new event.

This area provides you with tiles that display a brief summary of your event’s  OverviewUsersKey ContactsMilestonesLinks and Photos. You can return to the basic configuration form for your event by selecting the ‘Configure Event’ option found at the top right of the page. If you wish to configure any of these areas of your event individually, simply select the option displayed below each tile. You can also quickly switch between these options by selecting the appropriate tab found at the top of the page:

  • Event Overview - This displays a basic overview of the event from the information you have provided and the ability to directly configure the basic details by selecting ‘Configure Event’.
  • Users - This area allows you to populate your new event with existing event users available at your current property and manage any users you have already granted access to. If you wish to invite new users to access your event that do not have access to your current property, you must select the ‘Invite New User’ option found to the right of the page. When you have finished managing your users, please remember to select the 'Update Event Users' button to save your changes!
  • Event Key Contacts - these will be your key personnel assigned to your event. Select your Key Contacts by clicking on ‘Manage Key Contacts’ option and choose the users you wish to add by clicking on ’Select User’. You can assign up to 3 Key Contacts to your event, and they can be any user currently granted access to your property. However, they must be granted access to your event prior to assignment to become available as a Key Contact.
  • Event Milestones - These are the important dates that will be shown in the Milestones area of your Event Dashboard. If you wish to add a new milestone, simply select ‘Manage Milestones' and select the ‘Add a Milestone’ option found at the top right to continue.
  • Event Links - This gives you the option to add links to external sites that are relevant to your event. Select the ‘Add a Link’ option and enter the URL in the box provided - this will appear in the Links area of your Event Dashboard once completed.
  • Event Photos - This area allows you to add images to your event that will be displayed in the Photos section of your Event Dashboard. You can add images by selecting the ‘Browse’ option and clicking on ‘Add a Photo’ found at the top right of the page.

There is also a ‘quick access’ column that can be found on the right hand side of the screen when interacting with a configurable area ( Users/Key Contacts/Milestones/Links/Photos). These options will allow you to quickly access the following features:

  • Assign Users - this is a ‘quick access’ option that will take you to the 'Event Users’ configuration area of your event
  • Manage Key Contacts - this is a ‘quick access’ option that will take you to the Key Contacts configuration area of your event.
  • Add Milestones - this is a ‘quick access’ option that will take you to the Milestones configuration area of your event.
  • Add Event Linksthis is a ‘quick access’ option that will take you to the Event Links configuration area of your event.
  • Add Event Photosthis is a ‘quick access’ option that will take you to the Event Photos configuration area of your event.
  • Invite New User - this is a ‘quick access’ option that will take you to the New User form to allow you to invite new users to your event.

Using the Event Logo editor

When you select to upload an image as an event logo for your event, this will open the Event Logo editor. The Event Logo editor allows you to reposition and enlarge your uploaded file as you wish it to be displayed within your event.

There is no limit to the image size in terms of resolution, but the aspect ratio should be 2:1 (e.g. 400px x 200px, 600px x 300px). Once uploaded to the editor you can zoom your image by dragging the slider below the image or re-position it by directly clicking and dragging the image displayed in the editor window (the ability to zoom your image is not available for IE11 users). Please note that there is no ability to reduce the size of your image - if you find you are having issues with the entire logo being displayed, we would suggest that you add more blank space either side of the logo and then zoom/re-position your image until you are satisfied with the result.

When you're ready to move on, just click the 'Crop And Save' button followed by the 'Save Event' button to finish. For information on editing your logo once your event has been created, click here to find out more.