Understanding User Roles

What type of users can be set up within the application?

There are two levels of Administrator users (Full Admins & Group Admins) and three levels of set-permission users. These can be either Hotel, Planner, Vendor, Wedding, Finance Team, Executive or Ownership users depending on your property.

Set-permission users:

The set-permission users can view and interact with events and conversation areas as determined by the Administrator that created them, and have the ability to manage their own comments and conversations where required. They cannot add or manage events or other event users.


Full Administrator level users have the ability to add/remove both users and events and have global access to all events at a property. They can also manage any conversations and comments created in any event. They have full access to the Admin Property Dashboard, where they can manage users and events property-wide, and create reference information for the property.

Group Administrator level users can also create events and add/remove users within an event or property they have access to, but can only create/manage users of the same or lower permission levels. They have limited access to the Admin Property Dashboard and can only interact with events they have been assigned to or have created themselves. They can also manage any conversations and comments created in these events.

Below you can view a full summary of user permissions within the application - this summary is also available as a downloadable PDF, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link - Latest-user-roles-summary-2020.pdf

Who has access to the application, and more importantly the information I upload there?

If you are assigned as an Administrator (Full or Group Admin), you have the ability to decide and assign who has access to the application and what categories they can view.

If you are not an Administrator you will be assigned under one of three 'set-permission' roles. If you are assigned as one of these you have the ability to view, upload, download documents and leave comments / discussions in the sections you have been granted access to.

Don’t worry - if there is other information you would like to see or you would like a colleague to have access, you just need to contact an Administrator and make that request