Interacting with conversations containing documents

How do I find and access documents?

All your event conversation areas are listed on the left hand side in the navigation sidebar. The names are self-explanatory and simplified for ease of use.

The application adheres to a ‘three click’ philosophy - click once on the conversation area you wish to access and this will open an index where any documents or discussions that have been added to this category are listed. All conversations will be listed from the top of the page in chronological order. You can filter your view to display only documents by selecting the ‘Documents’ filter option found at the top of the index if you are struggling to find the document you wish to access.

The second click will be choosing the appropriate document (by selecting a document from the list displayed), which will take you to the document area - this area shows the full details of the document (detailing the file type, who uploaded it and when). 

Also adjacent to the document/file will be a list of any comments that have been left pertaining to that particular document.

The third click (on the document icon) will begin the download of the document or file you have selected. Please note that dependent on the type of document and how your computer is set-up, this may download, open automatically or prompt you to save it.

Did you know? When viewing the documents in the documents index, if you select a document icon (shown on the far left of the listing) you can download the document directly (without having to enter the document area).  

Can I download more than one document at at time from a conversation area?

Yes - by clicking on the 'Download Multiple Files' option when you are in any event, you will now be able to select multiple files to be downloaded from this index.

Just click on the green tick found next to the files you wish to download followed by the Download Selected button, and all the selected documents will be downloaded as a single  .zip file to the chosen 'Downloads' folder on your device.

PLEASE NOTE: Files added via Dropbox or Google Drive will not be available when interacting with the Download Multiple Files area. In addition to this, Reference Documents and files added to a Sensitive Documents area will also not be available when using this feature!

How do I add a document to a conversation area?

Once inside your chosen conversation area, click on option to create a new conversation (found at the top right of the conversation area index).

The next page you enter will ask you to:

  • Add your document by either using the ‘drag and drop’ area to add your file or by clicking on the ‘Add A Document’ icon - this will open your file browser to allow you to locate the file you wish to upload. Alternatively you can select a file from your Dropbox account (by selecting the option to 'Choose From Dropbox').
  • Give your document a title to help describe the document you are adding.
  • Leave a comment pertaining to the document if you wish to.
  • Choose the users you wish to be 'subscribed' to your document to complete the process.

What kind of documents or files can I upload to a conversation?

Any documents or files you need, pertinent to the operation and planning of an event.

As long as the hardware (computer, iPad, smartphone etc) you are using to access the internet has the capabilities (i.e. it has Microsoft Office, iWork etc) you can store any type of document.

Viewable document types include:

.jpg, .tiff, .gif (images); .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word);.key (Keynote); .numbers (Numbers); .pages (Pages); .pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat); .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint); .txt (text); .rtf (rich text format); .dwg (CAD documents); .vcf (contact information); .xls, .xlsx and .xlsm (Microsoft Excel).

Is there a limit to the size of a document I can add to a conversation area?

Yes - the current limit is 30 Mb (megabytes) per file added to the application. If you wish to add documents with a file size larger than the 30 Mb limit, we would recommend you upload the file to your Dropbox account first -  you can then add the document to a conversation area via our integrated Dropbox chooser.

Can I edit or delete a document I have uploaded?

Yes - by selecting the ‘Edit' option when in the conversation area you wish to manage (found at the top right, just above the comments box).

When you select this option, you are taken to the 'Edit Conversation’ area - here you can edit the document title, upload a new document, add a comment to update your current subscribers of any changes and move your document to a different conversation area. Please be aware that you can only move documents within event areas you have been granted access to, and moving your document may block subscribers from accessing it if they don't have access to the new event area. When you are happy with your changes, simply select the 'Next' option to continue to the subscriber management page, manage any new subscriptions you want to apply and then select 'Save' to complete the process.

You can also delete your document in this area by selecting the ‘Delete Conversation' option (which is found on the right of the page) - when selected you will be asked to confirm you wish to delete this conversation, and by choosing ‘OK’ the document will be removed.

Can I remove a document without deleting the entire conversation?

When editing a conversation that has a document attached to it, you can select to remove the file by checking the 'Remove File?' box found on the 'Edit' form. When you select the 'Next' button to continue and then 'Save' (when you have finished managing your subscribers), your conversation will revert to a discussion, removing the original file but leaving the comment thread intact.

This allows you and your subscribers to still be able to view and interact with the discussion, and you also have the ability to add a new document to the discussion if and when you need to. If you wish to remove the entire conversation, simply select 'Delete' when editing and it will be removed from the conversation area and the related event.

What happens when a document has been deleted?

The document will be removed from the conversation area index and search results, and will no longer accessible by any user (including Administrators).

What happens when a document is deleted but has comments already attached to it?

As mentioned in the previous article concerning deleting documents, the document will no longer available to be downloaded - any comments that were left on the document will also be removed and no longer be accessible by any user.

However, if a document is removed from a conversation then the conversation will become a discussion, and all comments attached to the document will be preserved. 

What are 'Reference Documents'?

‘Reference’ documents are files that have been added by the creator or Administrator of the event, and are documentation that is considered 'essential' for the event. These might include an agenda or resource guide, or a hotel fact sheet for example. Reference documents can only be downloaded, users cannot comment on them or subscribe to them (as you can with a regular document).