What are Sensitive Documents and how do I interact with them?

‘Sensitive Documents’ explained...


What are sensitive documents?

Sensitive documents are documents that contain information that require higher measures of security (such as billing/credit card information). A ’Sensitive Documents’ area enables properties to store this type of document in a more secure area, with very limited access. Properties can then grant specific users access to the document, without other users with access to the sensitive document area being able to view or download them.

Where can I add sensitive documents?

Any conversation area required by a property to become a container for sensitive information can be set as a sensitive document area by the development team when requested. This document area can only be accessed by current admin users and users granted access via an administrator. Sensitive document areas are indicated by gold lettering when shown in the navigation sidebar.

Can anybody with access to ‘sensitive’ document areas download documents from this area?

Only users that have been subscribed by the author of the document uploaded to a sensitive document area can access the document. Other users with access to this area can see the document listed, but cannot access the document without being subscribed by the author. Non-subscribed users attempting to interact with this document will be denied access.

How do I add a sensitive document?

The main criteria to adding a sensitive document is having access to a sensitive documents area. If you haven’t been granted access to a sensitive document area, you will not be able to upload a document here. If you do have access to a sensitive document area, to add a document simply upload your document as you would in a regular conversation area and manage your subscribers.

Be mindful that the only users that are able to access your document in this area are the users you subscribe to it, so please ensure you capture all the users you wish to grant access to the document.

Can the users that I subscribe to my document manage subscribers?

Users that you choose to subscribe to your document (therefore granting them access to the document) have no ability to manage the subscribers you have added to the document or add additional users. This is to ensure the security of the document, and that only the correct users have access to it. Users that are subscribed to your document do retain the ability to ‘unsubscribe’ if they wish.

What happens if I’m unsubscribed or unsubscribe myself from a sensitive document?

If you are unsubscribed by the author of the sensitive document or if you choose to unsubscribe within the software or via email, you will no longer be able to access the document. 

Access to the document can be re-instated again if required, but this can only be performed by the author of the document. If you are the author of the document and you choose to unsubscribe from the document, you can no longer access the document or grant access to other users.

I can’t find a user I want to grant access to my sensitive document - why is this?

If a user is not available for subscription to your sensitive document, they probably don’t have access to the sensitive document category in question. If you believe the user should be available, please contact the key personnel for the event to review their conversation area access

Can I comment on a ‘sensitive’ document?

The ability to add a comment when uploading or viewing a sensitive document is present as expected, however we do not allow individual discussions within a sensitive document category. This may change in a future release, but there are no immediate plans to introduce singular discussions to this area.

Why is there a padlock symbol on some notifications in my newsfeed? 

This indicates that the notification is related to a sensitive document. Only users subscribed to this document will be able to access it, but all users with access to the area will see a notification. 

Why is there a padlock symbol on listings in my search results?

As noted above, this indicates that the listing is related to a sensitive document. Only users subscribed to this document will be able to access it directly, but all users with access to the conversation area will see the document listed. Users not subscribed to the specific document but have access to the conversation area will not be able to access the document.