Interacting with discussions and comments in conversations

How do I find a discussion within an event?

This is done following the same method as locating a document. Open the conversation area you wish to view, and select the discussion shown on the list you want to interact with. 

You can also filter the listings in your document categories to display only discussions by selecting the ‘Discussions’ filter found at the top of the listings.

How do I create a discussion in a conversation area?

Once inside your chosen event area, select to add a new conversation by clicking on the option found at the top of the index.

Following this, to add your discussion:

  • Do not interact with the document upload section - this is only to be used if you are adding a document
  • Add your discussion name/title.
  • Add the first comment to your discussion to the comment box.
  • Add the users you wish to be 'subscribed' to your document and select the button found at the bottom right to notify your new subscribers and complete the process.

Do I have to add a comment when I create a discussion?

No - if you wish to create a discussion but wish to add a comment at a later time, simply add a title in the box provided on the 'Add A Conversation' form and select 'Next'. You will still be asked to add subscribers that you wish to be notified - if you want to notify users at a different time, just select the 'Create' button without selecting any event users to continue.

How do I add a comment to a document or discussion?

Once you enter the conversation area showing the chosen document/discussion you wish to leave a comment on, you will find an empty text box to the right of the screen where you can add your comment.

Simply enter your comment into the text box, and once you have finished typing select the button found underneath. This will add the comment to the conversation and send notifications to all users currently 'subscribed' to the document/discussion. If you wish to add additional 'subscribers' to the comment thread, select the 'Manage Subscribers' option (found above the comment box) and add the new users you wish to be subscribed. If you wish for the new subscribers to receive notification of the comment you are about to add, please ensure that you perform the above action before you add your comment!

A notification stating 'Comment was created successfully' will appear at the top of the page and your comment will appear beneath the comment box (with your avatar, name and time/date stamp next to it).

Did you know? - In a comment or discussion, you can add a link/links to an external website within the comment that users can simply 'click' on to access (without having to copy and paste in their browser).

Can I add a document to a discussion after I've added it?

Yes - select your discussion from the conversation area index to view the discussion, and following this select the 'Edit' option in the top right of the page. Opening this area will display the 'Edit' form, where there is the option to upload a new document to your discussion to the left of the page. Simply click on the area and select a file, or drag the file from your desktop into the area and select update, and the file will be added to your conversation.

Can I print a conversation that I have access to?

Yes - you can print out any conversation you have access to within an event. To print a conversation from the application, all you need to do is enter the conversation you wish to print and select the ‘Print’ option in you chosen web browser. Following this, set your preferred print settings and select ‘Print’ to complete the process.

I can see a small green tick on some listings shown in a conversation area - what does this mean?

This is simply an indicator that you are 'subscribed' to the thread of that document or discussion. For more information on subscriptions, please refer to our section titled ‘How To Interact With The Subscriptions Feature'.

Can I edit or delete a discussion I have created?

Yes, you can - this is done by selecting the ‘Edit' option found above the comment box at the top right of the page. By selecting this, you will be taken to the ‘Edit Conversation’ page, where you can edit your discussion title or move the discussion to a new category (categories are limited to which document categories you have access to). You can also update your subscribers of any changes by adding a helpful comment using the box provided - when you are happy with your changes, simply select the 'Next' option to continue to the subscriber management page, manage any new subscriptions you want to apply and then select 'Save' to complete the process.

You can also remove the discussion by selecting the ‘Delete Conversation’ option (again, found at the top right of the page). This will remove the discussion and all comments added from the conversation index and the event itself.

Can I edit or delete a comment I have left?

Yes - by selecting the ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove' option displayed underneath your comment you can perform the appropriate action.

What happens when a discussion has been deleted?

When a user chooses to delete a discussion, the discussion and all comments contained within the discussion are removed from the event and are not accessible. The discussion is also removed from the listings in the conversation area.

Can I edit or delete a discussion that someone else has created?

General users cannot delete discussions created by other users. Only users with administrative rights have the ability to do this.