Using the 'Subscriptions' feature

How do I add and manage ‘subscribers’

When you add a document or discussion to a conversation area, you will be asked to add 'subscribers' to your document/discussion before completing the process. This is done by selecting users found on the list provided (by clicking on the ‘tick’ found adjacent to the relevant user). You can also 'Select All' available users within the event category by simply clicking on 'Select All' option. When you are happy to proceed, all the selected users will receive a notification that you have added a document/discussion to the event and will be ‘subscribed’ to your conversation.

Admin users also have the ability to add new users when adding subscribers by selecting the 'Invite' option. This gives you the ability to quickly connect users that are not currently involved with the event or the property with just a few clicks.

Whenever you enter a conversation area, you will see the current subscribers avatars displayed above the comment box (to the right of the page). To manage these subscribers, select the ‘+ USERS' option (found above the comment box). This will show you all the users that are currently subscribed to your document/discussion, and from here you can either add more subscribers or remove subscribers as you wish. You also have the ability to manage subscribers when editing a conversation.

I want to add a specific user to my subscribers but I can’t find them - where are they?

It is very possible that the person you wish to add as a subscriber doesn't currently have access to the event category you are adding your document or discussion to.

You can search for a specific user by entering their name into the available search box to check if the user you are looking for has access to the particular event category you are adding your conversation to. Any available users matching your search criteria will be displayed in this area. If you are still unsure, please contact your event Administrator.

Admin users - if you can't find a specific user when adding subscribers, you can always invite them to join the conversation by selecting the 'Invite' option found on the page. This is displayed on the left column of the page and when no results are found when searching for a subscriber. Simply click on this option, enter the user's email address, and complete the necessary actions to add them as a subscriber to your new conversation.

Note: Users invited via the subscriptions manager will only have access to the current conversation area and event you are interacting with. If you wish to manage their event and area access, you must enter the 'Users' area of the Event Dashboard or the 'Manage Users' area of the Admin Property Dashboard.

Do I have to add subscribers when adding a conversation?

When adding a document or discussion to a conversation area, you may not need to notify specific users of the action. In this case, when you add your conversation and are asked to select users to be ‘notified’, just click on the ‘Create’ button without selecting any users from the list. Your conversation will still be added and be available for users with access to the conversation area to interact with, but no alerts or email notifications will be sent to any users within the event. The action will still show in users Newsfeeds, but will be displayed as general activity (blue).

What happens if I add subscribers after a conversation is created?

If you choose to add subscribers to a conversation after it has been created (by selecting the 'Manage Users' option when viewing a conversation), once the subscriptions have been saved any new subscribers will receive a notification both in-app (alert notification) and an email notification. If any of the users selected are currently out of office, they will only receive an alert notification within the application.

As an Admin user, can I add new users when managing my subscriptions?

Yes - Admin Users have the ability to invite brand new users, or existing users that do not currently have access to your property or event when managing subscriptions. You will find an option on the left column titled 'Invite User' - once selected, you will be asked to provide an email address, and we will check if we have an existing user in our database that matches this. 

If the email address matches an existing user, you will be shown the user's biographical details to confirm this is the user that you wish to invite. Simply select the action button (found on the bottom right of the page) and the user will receive notification that they have invited to access the property and event, and also notification of the conversation when you choose to add it to the conversation area.

If the email address does not match an existing user, you will be asked to provide the basic biographical information for creating a new user, and once completed you will be shown the new user's biographical details to confirm this is correct. Select the action button (found on the bottom right of the page) and the user will receive an activation email, and following this a notification of the conversation when you choose to add it to the conversation area.

It is also worth noting that when  any user is added via the subscriptions manager, they will only have access to the current conversation area and event that you are currently interacting with. If the user is an existing user and already has access to the event, their previous conversation area access will remain. If you wish to manage the invited user's area and event access, select the user from either the 'Users' area in the Event Dashboard or the 'Manage Users' option in the Admin Property Dashboard, and select the 'Edit' option to continue.

Why have I been automatically subscribed to a document/discussion?

A subscription is automatically applied to a user whenever they choose to add a conversation or comment on an existing conversation. This is because when you chose to interact with said document or discussion, the application assumes that it must have some relevance to you, and you will want to be informed on any updates or changes made to them. As a creator of a comment, document or discussion, you will never receive notifications of your own interactions, only those made by fellow users that are subscribed to the same thread.

If you don't wish to remain subscribed, select the 'Unsubscribe' option found above the comment box (top centre of the page) to leave the document/discussion thread. If you wish to become subscribed again at a later date, you can do so using the same method.

Did you know? - You can 'unsubscribe' from a document/discussion thread without having to enter the application. Simply select the link found at the bottom of your email notification relating to the thread to unsubscribe!

How can I 'unsubscribe' myself from a document or discussion?

Again, there are two methods currently for unsubscribing yourself from a document or discussion thread. The first way is to enter the document/discussion area in the conversation area and selecting ‘Unsubscribe’ option (found above the comment box at the top centre of the page). Once selected you will no longer receive notifications on this conversation unless you choose to subscribe to it again.

The second method is to unsubscribe by email - open a notification email you have received relating to the thread you wish to unsubscribe from, and select the ‘Unsubscribe from this conversation?' link found at the bottom of the email.