Email Notifications

What types of email notifications can I expect?

There are many types of notification you will receive once you are interacting with properties/events in the application. Here are types of notification you can expect to see in your inbox: 

  • Activation - You will receive an email inviting you to use the application which has been sent to yo by the Administrator of an event. This email will contain a link allowing you to activate your account within the application.
  • Activation Successful -When a new user successfully activates their account, they will receive an email notification confirming that they are now active within the application.
  • Event Access - You will receive an email notification from us whenever there has been changes made to your event access within our application by an Administrator. In this email it will detail the changes and contain a link that allows you to view your current event access within the application.
  • Subscriptions - Once you become subscribed to a document or discussion within an event, you will receive an email notification when there is activity relating to the document/discussion. The activity will be detailed in the email itself, and you have the option to view the activity within the application or email a comment directly to the discussion thread (without having to log in to the application). You also have the ability to 'Unsubscribe' from the document/discussion by selecting the 'Unsubscribe' link contained in the footer of the email.
  • Password Reset - If you choose to request a password reset (using the 'Forgot Your Login' option on the login page), you will receive a 'Password Reset' email which contains a link that will allow you to create a new password and login to the application. The password reset link is unique, and will expire after 24 hours of it being delivered (for security purposes).
  • Password Reset confirmation - When you successfully complete a password change, you will receive an email notification informing you of this. We do this not only to confirm the action has been correctly processed, but also indicate if your account has been compromised by another user. If you believe that your account has been compromised, please contact support immediately.
  • Key Contact - If you are considered to be a key figure within an event, you may be selected by an Administrator to be a 'Key Contact' for event users. This email will notify you of this change, and inform you who assigned you and the event you are assigned as 'Key Contact' for.

Do I have to receive email notifications?

In some cases, yes. Any notifications you receive relating to your account are mandatory, and we'd expect you'd want to be informed of changes to your event access and account. However, 'subscription' notifications are optional, and can be managed at your own discretion at any time, either within the application or using the 'Unsubscribe' link contained within any 'subscription' emails you receive.

Can I download a document directly from an email notification?

Documents that have been added to a conversation can be downloaded directly when interacting with an email notification related to the conversation. To download directly without having to enter the application, just click on the ‘Download File’ option displayed next to the document title on your email notification.

For direct access, you must be currently logged into the application, otherwise you will be asked to submit your login credentials before you can access the document. We have this behaviour in place to ensure that documents uploaded to the application remain secure, ensuring that only users that have the correct permissions can interact with them. 

Who are the list of users that I can see on my 'subscribed' notifications

The list of users displayed in your ‘subscribed’ notifications are all the users that are currently subscribed to the conversation. This has been introduced to allow other subscribers to see exactly who is receiving notifications on the conversation, allowing users that choose to reply via email to know who their recipients will be when sent.

Why do my initial email notifications look different to the ones I received after I activated my account?

If you have received email notifications that look slightly different to your current email notifications, that is because you were yet to activate your account with us.

If you see the following: *USERNAME* ADDED A FILE FOR YOU,*USERNAME* WANTS YOU TO JOIN A CONVERSATION, or *USERNAME* LEFT A COMMENT FOR YOU, your account is not activated. You will also find that any subscribed emails that would normally have a 'previous comments' section displayed will instead show the 'Get Started' block (that is displayed in activation emails).

The reason we send you slightly different notifications is to give you a friendly reminder that your account is currently unactivated, although you can still interact with the application via email if you wish to. However, you will not get the full benefits of having an active account (such as being able to download and upload files) until you are fully activated. 

So how do you activate your account? It's easy - either select the Get Started option in your activation email, or Join The Conversation on a subscribed email notification, and you will be asked to create a password. Once you have done this, you can now login and enjoy the full experience of the application without having to console yourself with 'email only' correspondence - and why would you?