Managing your events in the Admin Property Dashboard

How do I interact with the 'Event Management' section of the Admin Property Dashboard?

In the Event Management section you have three options - New Event, Active Events and Archived Events.

The ability to create and edit active events in the application is available to both Group and Full Administrators, as well as the ability to archive any event they have access to. However, we have given only Full Administrators the ability to restore events to the property in the Admin Property Dashboard. This is to help curate events that have passed their running dates and are no longer required.

Selecting the 'New Event' option will allow you to begin creating a new event at the property immediately, without having to enter your event indexes to access this feature.

When you select the ‘Active Events' option, you will enter the Active Events index which displays a list of all the current events at the property. Your active events can be sorted by Title and Date, and you can also view the current Users and Key Contacts total when sorting. You can also filter your events by state or 'all administrable' depending on your current preference.

There is also the ability to search for a specific event if required (using the 'Search' option), begin editing an event by simply select the cogwheel icon adjacent to the event listing, or create a new event by selecting the ’New Event’ option found at the top right of the page. 

Selecting an event from the listings found here will allow you to configure the event you have selected. An index of additional configuration options can be found on the column to the right of the page you are currently in. When you have finished editing your event, simply click on the ‘Save Event’ option to complete the process.

Archived Events contains all events within the property that have been archived by any Administrators. When you choose to archive an event, it is removed from the 'Events' area of the property, and can no longer be accessed by any users through the front-end of the system. However, as a Full Administrator, you have the power to re-instate the event using the 'Restore' option available in this area.

When you select this option, you will see a list of archived events. If you wish to reverse the event’s ‘archived’ status, select the adjacent 'Restore' icon and the event will now be visible again in event indexes and accessible to all users with permissions to access it.