Removing users from your events

What happens if I delete a user?

You can't! Only the developers of the application have the ability to delete a user from the system. However, users can be removed from any event or property they have been previously granted access to.

How do I remove a user from an event?


To remove a user from your current event, you must first enter the 'Users' area. Select the user you wish to remove and you will land on the user's 'show' page. 

To the top right you will see the option 'Remove User From Event' - click on this and then confirm on the following window and the user will be removed. The user will still have access to the property and any other events they are currently assigned to, but can no longer view, access or interact with your current event (unless reinstated).

How do I remove a user from a property?

As an Administrator at any level, you have the ability to 'remove' a user from your property. To do so, select the Users tile found on the Event Dashboard or the Admin Property Dashboard, and once in the Users index, select the user you wish to be removed by clicking on them. You will now find yourself in their account 'show' page - select Edit User and the option to remove the user will be found to the right of the page.

When selected, the user will have all access and permissions revoked relating to your property. However, any documents, discussions or comments created by the 'removed' user will remain in your event unless you choose to delete them individually.