Help & Support

What is the Application menu?

The 'Application Menu' allows you to view information about how to use application, access the What’s New? area and also offers the ability to contact our support agents if your having trouble. You will also find an option to enter our 'Knowledge Base'  on this menu. The Knowledge Base is our online help centre, from which you can view an index of informative articles to help you find your way around the application. 

If your still having trouble, you can either open a request, give us a call on our support line or get in contact with us directly using our 'Live Chat' feature and we’ll get your issue resolved!

How do I access and interact with the Help & Support dashboard?

The 'Help & Support dashboard' is a simple support area that allows you to access our help and support features all on one page. Features available in this area mirror the options found in the Application Menu, along with a 'Top Tips' tile offering handy hints on how to use the software. 

To access the Help & Support dashboard, just click on the 'Help & Support' option found at the top of the page and you will be redirected to the dashboard. To interact with the available options, simply click on the area you wish to interact with.

The Help & Support dashboard offers:

  • Direct access to the Application Video - a short, informative guide on how to use the software
  • Support Channels - Links to our various 'Help & Support' channels
  • Knowledge Base - A collection of FAQs and user guides to help you find your way through the software
  • Latest Release - a direct link to our 'What's New?' area, allowing you to view our release blog, informing of new features and recent fixes throughout our development cycle
  • Top Tips - This tile provides handy tips and hints on how to get the most out the application
  • Live Chat - This option allows you to talk directly to our support team via our 'Live Chat' feature.

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is a feature that allows users to contact our support team immediately if they are experiencing any issues within the application. By entering a query or issue into the Live Chat form, you can interact directly with our team, who are at hand 24/7 (when available) to help guide you through the software and address any issues you may be experiencing.

How do I interact with the ‘Live Chat’ feature?

To access the Live Chat feature, open either the Application Menu or the Help & Support dashboard and select the 'Live Chat Online' option. You will be taken to a form that looks like this….

…and once you have completed this and selected 'Request Chat', a support team member will initiate the Live Chat with you.

Why am I seeing that Live Chat is 'offline'?

'Live Chat Offline’ will only be displayed if no support team members are available to ‘Live Chat’ presently. A team member will be available to chat as soon as possible, so just keep checking the Application/Help & Support Menu until the option returns to the ‘Live Chat Online’ state.

What is the What's New? feature?

What's New? is a technical blog that chronologically displays all the features and updates we have added to the software with each new release. You can view and also interact with this feature (using the 'Show Me' links) to see visual representations of what has changed in the application. Whenever we update the application, this option and the Application Menu will be highlighted to indicate that we have introduced new features to the software.

What is the Application Video?

When selected, this option allows you to view a short video outlining how to use the application and an overview of the main features contained within the software. It can be accessed from the login page, the Application Menu (found on the footer of the page) or the Help & Support dashboard.

What happens if I see an error page when interacting with the application?

On rare occasions, you may experience an error in the application when interacting with it. These may be either what is known as a 404 error, which is caused by the application being unable to locate an area you are attempting to access, or a 500 error, which is triggered by the application being unable to perform an action you have attempted.

If you experience either of these errors, an error page will be displayed and an alert will be sent directly to us informing us of where the error occurred. To return to the application, simply select the option displayed on the page and you will be returned to your Properties area. Alternatively, you can select the back button on browser to return to your previous page.

All error alerts received by us are recorded and actioned upon as soon as possible.