Interacting with Reports in the Admin Property Dashboard

How do I view and interact with Reports at my properties? 

Note - only Full Administrators can access the 'Reports' area in the application

The 'Reports' area is available when interacting with the Admin Property Dashboard of a property you have access to - to view this area, simply select  Reports Dashboard from the navigation sidebar.

Upon entering the Reports area, you will see 3 sections depicting the following:


This section provides you with all event data currently held at your property.  You will initially see the total amount of events at your current property, followed by a breakdown of events by 'state' (Live, Upcoming, Completed and Archived) displayed as a helpful chart.


This section provides you with all activity data currently held at your property. The initial total displayed shows the total number of conversations and comments added to your property. To the right you will find charts that show a breakdown of all activity within your property's events. The first chart contains a collection of all discussions, documents and comments added, and the following chart depicts all resources added (such as Reference Documents, Links and Comment Templates).


This section provides you with all user data currently held at your property. The initial count displays a total of all users currently assigned to your property. You will also find 2 charts present in this section - the first chart defines your current user base by role, and the following chart displays how many users are currently active or pending activation at your property.