How to manage your annotated documents

Can any event users add annotations to a document in an event?  

Yes - any user can add an annotation to either an image or a PDF file, as long as the conversation has been enabled to allow annotations and it is contained within an event and area that the user has access to. 

Can I manage annotations that have already been added to a document? 

No - once an annotation has been added to a document by any user, it will be present on every following revision of the annotated file. You can download older versions of the annotated file by selecting a version from the Versions list (displayed beneath the document summary area) that has less annotations applied.

If you wish to create a new set of annotations for the file in question, you must download the Original version of the file and create a new conversation (and select the Allow Annotations checkbox when you upload the file). Once the file is uploaded, you can begin to add new annotations to the file by entering the Annotate File area.

Can I manage conversations with annotations in the same way as a regular conversation?

No -  conversations with Document Annotations enabled follow a slightly different set of rules compared to a regular conversation, such as:

  • Document Annotations can only be enabled when a new conversation is created - they cannot be enabled at any point past the initial creation process. 
  • Document Annotations cannot be enabled when uploading any file other than a PDF or an image file. Documents imported via Dropbox, Google Drive or Social Tables also cannot be enabled for annotation. 
  • Once an annotated conversation has been created and a file uploaded, the attached file cannot be removed or replaced.

However, you can still perform the following actions when managing a conversation where annotations have been enabled:

  • Manage your conversation subscriptions
  • Edit the title of the conversation
  • Move the conversation to a different conversation area
  • Delete the enter conversation, including the file and annotations