Understanding User Permissions

Why do we allow the ability to restrict conversation area access for 'set-permission' users?

We allow the restriction of 'regular' users within an event to prevent security issues and also help streamline their flow of information. For example, a Vendor user using the application may not need access to the 'Rooming List' area, and as such doesn't require access to the conversation area or to receive notifications on activity happening within this category.

Also, when handling sensitive information such as 'Group Contracts' or 'Group Billing' information within an event, it is something that should be restricted to certain users on an individual basis, and as such Administrators would be advised to consider carefully who they grant access to specific conversation areas.

As an Administrator, do I have to limit a 'regular' users conversation area access?

When creating a new user, you will always be asked to choose what conversation areas you wish the user to have access to. The choices you make are completely at your own discretion - you may choose to give them access to one, or you may choose to give them access to all - the choice is yours!

Administrators - please ensure that when creating a new user that you make sure that they have the correct event and conversation area access - it is possible to set up a user with no event access or no conversation area access.

Don't worry though, this can be easily rectified by editing their account (through the  Users area in an event or the Manage Users section in the Admin Property Dashboard) and correcting these mistakes - just click 'Save Changes' after you're finished, and they're all good to go!

Why can't I set up a new user?

Only users with administrative rights can create new users within the application. If you are an Administrator and are having problems adding users, please contact our support for assistance.

What happens when I remove a user from a property or event?

(Reminder - only users with administrative rights can remove a user from a event).

When a user is removed from an event, all event permissions are revoked and access to that event is not possible. However, the user's account details are still held in our database and any other events or properties they have been granted access to remain valid. These same permissions apply if a user is removed from a property in the  Admin Property Dashboard.

Any comments, discussions or documents that the user has added will still be available to interact with within your events and properties.

Can I delete a user?

No, not even Administrators can delete a user. This can only be performed by the developers of the application, as it is a destructive action and removes the ability to re-instate the user at a later date.

How can I set up a colleague, client or associate as a user if I am not an Administrator?

You can email, leave a comment or even pick up the phone and ask your Administrator to add them for you!

You can find the contact details for your Administrator by either selecting a  Key Contact the ‘Key Contacts’ section (found on the Event Dashboard) by clicking on the avatar of the user you wish to contact, or enter the 'Users’ section on the Event Dashboard and click on an Administrator's name from the user listings to view their contact details.

Is there a limit on the number of people an Administrator can give access to, or number of events they can include?

No - our software allows for unlimited users and/or events within the application.