How do I use Document Annotations?

Adding an annotation to a file

Step 1:


Enter a conversation area that contains a file that has had Annotations enabled. Conversations with this ability active should look like this...

Step 2:

Select the  'Annotate File' option on the file summary area.

Step 3:


Using the 'Annotations toolbar', position the page area you'd like to add your annotations to by selecting the 'Move' option and dragging the canvas - to resize the area, click on the 'Zoom' options until you are satisfied.

Step 4:


Choose the type of annotation you would like to add from the Annotations toolbar. Selecting 'Draw' will allow you to use your cursor and left mouse button to sketch an annotation on to the file, while selecting 'Text' from the toolbar will allow you to add text as annotation to the document. You can also select the 'Highlight' tool to highlight an area of your document as an annotation by selecting the tool and dragging your cursor until the area is covered. If you are interacting with a PDF file, the option to upload and add a signature image will also be available by selecting the 'Sign' Tool.

Step 5:


You can also adjust the position of your annotation using the 'Move' option on the Annotation toolbar. Once selected, click on your annotation and drag it to the area on the page you'd like it to be.

Step 6:



If the file is a PDF with multiple pages, you can switch between pages by clicking on the page selector displayed in the Annotations toolbar. 

If you wish to remove any of your annotations, select the 'Undo' button to remove the last annotation you created. If you go too far when removing your annotations, select the 'Redo' option to restore the last annotation you erased.

Step 7:


Click on 'Save' to add your annotation(s) to the file.

Step 8:


The version of the file with your annotations applied will be available in the 'Versions' list displayed beneath the file summary area once it has been processed.

Downloading an annotated file

Step 1:

Enter a conversation area that contains a file that has had Annotations  enabled. Conversations with this ability should look like this...

Step 2: 

Select the 'Download Latest Version' option on the file summary area to download the most recent version of the annotated file

Step 3:

Alternatively, if you wish to download an older version of the annotated file, scroll down to the 'Versions' area (displayed beneath the file summary box) and click on the 'download' icon displayed adjacent to the version you wish to access. The original file is available by selecting the 'Original' version (always displayed at the bottom of the versions list).