How do I add a user when creating or managing a conversation?

Step 1:

Enter a conversation area from the navigation sidebar and select 'Add New'.

Step 2:

Give your conversation a 'Title' and add any additional comments or files to conversation if required. When you are ready to proceed, select 'Next'.

Step 3:

Select 'Invite User' from the sidebar to continue.

Step 4:

Enter the user's email address in to the field provided.

Step 5:

If the user already exists in the global database, you will be asked if you wish to add the existing user to the event you are adding the conversation to.If the user does not exist in the global database, you will be prompted to complete their profile before continuing. 

Step 6:


The final step is to review the 'Add User Summary', which displays exactly where the user will be granted access to.

When you are happy to proceed, select the 'green' button to invite and subscribe the user - when you have finished managing your subscriptions and select 'Create', the user will be added to the system and receive a notification email.