How do I add event users to other events using the Event Dashboard?

Step 1:


From the Event Dashboard , go to the 'Users' tile and select 'View All' to see the list of users that already have access to the current event. 

Step 2:


From the Users index, search for the existing user by placing your cursor at the 'Search' field, and typing part of the name of the user you wish to add. For this example we will be using the user 'Chris Jones'.

The existing user's name will display in the search results. Next, click on the 'cogwheel' icon on the far right to begin editing the user.

Step 3:


Your next step will be to manage the Events Access of Chris Jones, which will allow you to add Chris (who is an existing user) to a new event!  Please click on either of the options labelled ‘Events Access’ to continue.

Step 4:


To proceed with managing the user's event assignment, you must click on the 'Edit Event Access' button. By doing this you will be able to select which events you would like to assign to the user.

Step 5:


In this area you will be able to select one or several events that you want your existing user to have access to by checking the event to the far right. Once you have selected the appropriate event(s), please click 'Done'.

You will now receive a message that you have successfully added the user to your specific event(s)!