Interacting with To Dos

How do I create a To Do List?

To begin creating a To Do list, you can select to open your 'Create Menu' (green '+' icon at the top of the page) and select the 'To Do' icon to begin creating. You can also create To Do lists when interacting in your 'Lists' index - you can enter here by clicking on the 'See All To DoLists' option on your Home page or the 'Event To Dos' option found on the sidebar when you are in an event.

If you have selected to use the 'Create Menu' method, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to create a new To Do list in the window provided, and once you select to continue you will be taken directly to the Create To Do form to begin the initial creation of your list. If you choose to add a To Do via your 'Lists' index, just click the 'New List' option found at the top right of the page - this will take you to the same form, where you will be asked to provide a Title for your list and specify if you wish the list to be for yourself or scoped to an event. 

If you choose to create a 'personal' list, all you need to provide is a title - you can also add an overview if you wish, but this is not a mandatory requirement. Once you have submitted your title, you can then move on to adding To Do tasks to your new list.

However, if you choose to create an event-scoped list, you will be required to select an event you have access to using the drop-down menu provided - you will only be able to select events you currently have access to within the application. You also have the option to set the list as 'private' at this point (by clicking the option provided) before you choose to continue. Once you have selected your event and click to continue, on the following page you will be asked to choose which event users you wish to assign to your event-scoped To Do list. These users will be able to access your list and mark any To Do tasks as completed where required. When you have chosen the users you wish to assign, click the next button to complete the form and begin adding your To Do tasks to the list.

How do I add Tasks to a To Do List?

Once you have created a To Do list, you are able to begin adding your To Do tasks immediately. At the top of the page you will see an area where you can enter a description for your To Do task -  type your To Do description in the box provided and click the '+' sign to finish. If you wish to assign a due date to your To Do task, click on the clock icon displayed in the To Do task creation area - once you have selected a date it will be displayed next to the To Do task in your To Do list and Outstanding Tasks feed.

If you wish to edit a To Do task, click on the cogwheel icon to begin making amendments. You can edit your To Do task description and amend or remove a due date if required. You can also remove the To Do task by clicking on the option provided when editing.

Do I have to add tasks when creating a To Do List?

No - all that is required to begin with is a title for your To Do list. Once that is submitted, your new list will be saved as is (no tasks present). You can add tasks at a later point by entering your To Do lists area and selecting to manage the list you wish to add them to. Alternatively, just click on the Create Menu and select 'Add a To Do' to quickly create a task and add it to an existing list.

How do I mark my To Do tasks as complete?

To mark a To Do task as completed, simply click on the option displayed at the end of To Do task displayed in either your To Do list or your Outstanding Tasks feed. You will now see a green indicator displayed on the To Do task to show it has been done, and it will be removed from your Outstanding Tasks feed the next time you enter your Home page. 

This status can be reversed if for example you have selected a To Do as completed by accident - to reset a To Do task to incomplete, just click on the option again to revert its state. It will also become available again on your Outstanding Tasks feed when you re-enter your Home page.