The Home Page Explained

What is 'Home'?

The 'Home' page is a centralized hub for all your areas, activity and account information. From this dashboard, you can view and access your permitted properties and events and manage all the personal aspects of your account (such as your account details and Out of Office status).

How do I access my Home area?

Your  Home page is the first area you arrive in if you log into the application. You can also find your way to your Home page by clicking on the 'Home' icon, displayed on the header of every page once you are logged in. 

You can also access it from your User Menu at any time - just click on your avatar to open the User Menu and select the 'Return To Home' option to enter your personal dashboard.

What can I do on the Home page?

The  Home page offers a multitude of options and information to help you quickly navigate to new areas, amend your account or view your activity in the application.

Centre right of your dashboard, you will find your 'Account' area. This section contains handy options that allow you to quickly edit your account details, manage your Out of Office status and reset your password.

Below this section and to the left you will find 2 rows - these give you instant access to your permitted properties and events. At the beginning of each row you will see a datum displaying the total number of properties/events you have currently have access to.

To the right of each row you will see a thumbnail displayed - these are your 'most recently accessed' areas, and clicking on a thumbnail will take you directly to the property/event displayed. 

What will I see if I select a recently accessed property?

Clicking on any of your most recently accessed properties will take you to the property's Events index - this functions the same as your Global Events index, but will only show you events that have been created within that property. You can easily identify that you are currently in a property's Events index by either your Recent Events switcher (which will display your current property name) and the Property filter displayed at the top right of the index. 

Clicking on the 'x' displayed on this filter will remove the current scope and return you to the Global Events index.

What happens if I select 'View Properties' or 'View Events'?

At the end of the row you will see the options to 'View Properties' and 'View Events'. Selecting this will take you to a global index, displaying all of the properties or events you have access to (depending on which row you have selected to view). When interacting with your Global Properties index, you have the ability to search for properties or events by entering a search term in the box provided. Hovering your cursor over a property thumbnail will display your current user role at the property. 

Entering into your  Global Events index, you will also find the options to sort and filter your events. Using these options will help you quickly locate specific events and also gather collections of events by name, running date or state (Live, Upcoming or Completed). 

You also have access to your Global Properties and Events areas available to you on your User Menu - just select either the View Properties or View Events option at any time to be taken directly to them.

What is the Latest Activity section?

To the right of your Home page, you will find your Latest Activity feed. This area displays up to 5 of your latest unread notifications from across all your properties and events - it's like a compact version of your Global Newsfeed! This allows you to instantly see what's been happening across your events since you last logged in, and gives you the quickest access to your most important event activity. 

Any pending activity displayed that you are not subscribed to will have a blue marker shown to left of the notification, and any unread alerts will have a red marker present. If you would like to access your Global Newsfeed to access all of your notifications, simply select the See More option found at the bottom of the area

What is the To Do Tasks feed?

This feed provides the user with a list of up to 6 To Do tasks assigned to the current user. To Do tasks are sorted in order of urgency, with the nearest upcoming task deadline being displayed at the top of the order.

Tasks can be marked as completed on your To Do Tasks feed - by clicking on the checkbox adjacent to the task you wish to mark as completed, the task will be noted as 'completed' on its relative list when viewed. The 'completed' task will also be removed from your To Do Tasks feed when marked as done.

When you have no pending To Dos assigned to you, your To Do Tasks feed will display ‘Nothing to do’.