How your Newsfeed works

What is the Global Newsfeed?

The Global Newsfeed is a unified index that contains all read and unread notifications that a user has received in the application. It provides filtering options that allow the user to configure their Newsfeed index 'on the fly', removing the need to journey to different areas of the application to view the latest activity in their other events.

You can access your Global Newsfeed by opening your user menu and clicking on the notifications area at the top at any time. You can also access it directly from your Home page by clicking on the See More option of your Latest Activity feed.

Is the Global Newsfeed different to previous versions of my newsfeeds?

On the surface, the Global Newsfeed works much the same way as previous versions. The main area of the newsfeed displays an index of your current read and unread notifications, albeit with more information and improved visual guides to help indicate type and topic. You'll also find a 'Quick Filter' option at the top of the index, allowing you to quickly sort through your Unread Alerts and Activity just as you would in previous iterations.

A new introduction to your Newsfeed can be found at the top right of the page. Here you'll find a new Search option, allowing you to search your newsfeed for specific notifications. You can search by conversation title, event title, property title and even by user name, allowing you to easily pin down old and new notifications and refine even further using the sort and filter options available to you at the top of your index

Can I just see my unread notifications?

Yes - At the top of the notification list there are three filter options available -  All Activity, Unread Alerts and Unread Activity. The latter options ('Unread Alerts' and 'Unread Activity') will only show on the page when you have unread notifications present in your newsfeed. 

Your Newsfeed opens on 'All Activity' by default, to just see your unread alerts or general unread notifications, just select the appropriate option upon entering the newsfeed.

How do I filter my notifications in the Global Newsfeed?

Using the Quick Filter option, you can choose to view your unread Alerts, activity or all notifications by toggling the option at the top of the Newsfeed. This will be applied to all your notifications across all your properties unless further filters have been selected.

You can also search your Newsfeed for specific activity by entering a search term into the Search area provided - again, your search will be applied to all your notifications across all your properties unless further filters have been selected.

What is the Event Newsfeed?

The Event Newsfeed can be found on your event sidebar, and is a filtered version of your main Newsfeed. It gathers all activity within the event you are currently in as notifications and by default presents them chronologically by newest first. This activity will only concern areas in the application you have been granted access to.

You can view the activity described in the notification by clicking on it in the newsfeed listing. You can also filter your notifications by selecting the appropriate filter from the selection found at the top of your newsfeed:

  • The 'All Activity' filter displays all of your read and unread notifications for an event or property in chronological order.
  • The 'Unread Activity' filter displays unread notifications concerning general and subscribed activity with an event.Note that this filter is only displayed when unread notifications are present.
  • The 'Unread Alerts’ filter will only display unread notifications from conversations you are currently subscribed to. Note that this filter is only displayed when unread alerts are present.

Why would I want to use the 'Mark All As Read' option?

The 'Mark All As Read' is an option present for users that regularly receive a lot of notifications within an event, and as notifications are chronologically ordered they will receive notifications for every action within the event. Sometimes it's quicker to follow the latest notification for a specific document or discussion and view previous updates within the thread, rather than viewing every unread individual notification relating to it.

How do I leave the Newsfeed when I'm finished?

If you wish to return to the previous area, simply select the 'Back’ (<) button at the top of the page to return to the page you were on prior to entering your Newsfeed.

Otherwise, you can navigate to other conversation areas, properties, events or your account by selecting the appropriate navigation options found on the header and navigation sidebar.