Activating your account

How do I activate my account?

There are two different ways you can activate your account depending on whether you have been invited as a Cendyn Hospitality Cloud or as a standard user.

As a Cendyn Hospitality Cloud user:

If you are invited to use the application as a Cendyn Hospitality Cloud user, you will receive an activation email from 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud'. Any user with one of the user roles listed above are required to register an account with the 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' before you can access the software. You can do this by clicking the 'Finish My Registration' button found on the email and creating a password on the following form. Once you have completed this form, you will be returned to the application as an activated user, with the ability to access the 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' by clicking on the option displayed on your User Menu.

As a standard user:

As a standard user being invited to use the application, you will receive an email from an Administrator inviting you to activate your account. Within this email is a link that reads Get Started - follow this link and you will be taken to the activation page, where you will be prompted to choose your own password. When you are happy to proceed, simply click on the Activate Your Account button.

Alternatively, if you are invited by an Administrator while they are creating a conversation or comment, you will receive an email notification saying '**USERNAME**   has left a comment for you' or '...added a file for you'. When you choose to view the activity by selecting the link in the email, you will be taken to the activation page before you can access the application. Simply choose yourself a password and click on the Activate Your Account button and you will be taken directly to the activity in question.

What happens when I have activated my account?

If you have received an activation email you will be taken to your Home page once you have successfully activated, where you can access any properties or events that you have been granted access to. To learn more about this area, take a look at the  ’The Home Page Explained article in the Knowledge Base.

However, if you have activated your account via a subscribed email (such as '**USERNAME**   has left a comment for you' or '...added a file for you'), you will be taken directly to the related conversation once your account activation has been completed.

Can I access an event or property before activating my account?

To put it simply, no. We run a secure system that will only allow authorised users to access it, and you must activate your account before you can enter the application. 

However, you will still receive email notifications relating to any events you have been added to allow you to remain 'in the loop' before you activate your account.

Will I still receive notifications from the application if I haven’t activated my account?

Yes - as soon as a user has been successfully invited to interact with the application, they will be available to receive email notifications on subscribed activity within events.

Pending users are available to be invited as subscribers to conversations within events, and when added to a conversation will receive alert notifications at their designated email address. When the pending user chooses to interact with the notification, they will be asked to activate their account before they can access the conversation they were notified about.