Passwords and logging in

How do I log in to the application?

Using our standard login form:

All users can log in to the application by using our standard login form - this is the page you'll see if you've selected to logout of your property and your session has expired. To begin with, simply enter the email address attached to your account - if you are a 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' user, you will be redirected to the 'Cendyn Access' login form and asked to provide your password to continue to your Home page. Users without a 'Cendyn Access' account will remain within the application and are asked to submit their password using our standard login form to enter their Home page.

Using the 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud':

Users logged in to the 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' can access the application at any time. Once logged in to the Hospitality Cloud, you can enter by selecting the appropriate 'app' icon from the options available to you - clicking on this will take you directly to your Home page within the software.

I've successfully logged in - where am I now?

When you successfully login, you will be taken to your Home page. This area is primarily for displaying the properties and events you have been granted access to, and allowing you to manage your personal account details.

There are further options now available for you when successfully logged in. By clicking on your avatar (found at the top left of the screen) you can interact with your User Menu, providing you with multiple navigational choices and the ability to end your session (logout). You can also access the Help & Support dashboard (found on the top right of the header) to view our Knowledge Base or get in contact with our support team.

What do I do if I can't remember my password when logging in?

As a Cendyn Hospitality Cloud user:

As a Cendyn Hospitality Cloud user, you will already have an active 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' account that allows you to access the application. If you have forgotten the password for your 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' account, just enter your email address into our standard login form -  when you arrive on the 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' login form, select the 'Forgot Password?' option found at the bottom of the form. 

Following this, you will receive an email containing a verification code - enter this code into the form provided, along with your new password and your password will be updated.

As a non-Cendyn Hospitality Cloud user:

As a non-Cendyn Hospitality Cloud user, if you have successfully activated your account and have forgotten your password, just enter your email address into the login form and select the Forgot Password? option found at the bottom of the login form on the next step. You will be asked to enter your email address again and once you have submitted this information, you will receive a password reset email in your inbox. Select the link provided in the email and you will be asked to provide a new password, and subsequently be able to access the application.