Interacting with the User Menu

What is the User Menu?

The 'User Menu' is an option found at the top of every area when you are successfully logged in. By clicking on the area in the top left (where your avatar is shown) the User Menu is displayed, offering you the ability to interact with areas that are tied to your specific account.

The content of your User Menu will remain the same irrespective of which area you are currently interacting with, with the following options available to you

  • Notifications feed: At the top of the menu you will find a brief summary of your current notifications status. This will inform you of any pending notifications, and a quick click on here will take you straight to your Global Newsfeed.
  • Return To Home: Selecting this option will return you to your Home page, allowing you to update your account and view/access your current properties and events.
  • View Properties: Selecting this option will always return you to your Global Properties area, no matter what area or property you are currently in. This area displays all of your current properties, and selecting one will allow you to view and access any events you are currently assigned to within the property.
  • View Events: This option will take you to your Global Events area, where you can view and access any events you are assigned to across all of your properties
  • Switch To Admin: This option will only be displayed if you have an Admin role at a property. Selecting this option will allow you to directly access your Admin areas, but will not be displayed if you are currently interacting with an Admin Area. 
  • Logout: Selecting this will terminate your current session and return you to the login page. As a Cendyn Hospitality Cloud user, selecting 'Logout' will also terminate your current session with th

Where does 'Switch to Admin' option take me?

When you are assigned as an Admin role to at least one property, you will see the 'Switch To Admin' option displayed on your User Menu when opened. Selecting this option when you are not currently interacting within a property will take you to your Admin Properties page. This area allows you to view all the properties you have access to as an Admin user, with the ability to land directly in the property's Admin Area when selected from the properties listed.

If you select the 'Switch to Admin' option when in an event or property, you will be taken to the property's Admin Area, where you can create and manage users, events and resources for your current property. If you have an Admin role at another property, but not the current one you are interacting with, the 'Switch to Admin' option will not be displayed. If you wish to access your admin areas from a property that you are not currently set as an Admin, you must return to your Home page for the option to become available.

What does the 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' option do on my User Menu?

As a 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' user, you will find an additional option available on your User Menu once you enter the application. By selecting this option, you will be redirected to your personal 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' area, allowing you to switch to a different app within the Sales Suite without having to log out of the software. You can also return to the application by clicking on the app icon displayed on your personal 'Cendyn Hospitality Cloud' area, allowing you to continue your session without needing to login again!